At Tatistyk Innovation safety is more than a priority, it is a fundamental value. Priorities can change, but our values never waiver – such as our commitment to safety.  This culture of safety starts with ownership starting with our Executive Staff, to each and every one of our employees, a never-ending focus on safety is at the heart of what we do. Our outstanding safety record stems from our strict safety requirements and continual supervision.

We aim to achieve the highest standard of health and safety performance in all its products, services and work activities. Effective management of health and safety, one part of our commitment to continuous improvement, is essential and integral to our overall business performance and to the success of all our projects.

Zero lost through work site injuries – Clear target: zero accidents

Our long-term corporate goal is clear: zero accidents. In order to achieve this, we have made adjustments to our organization. We have bundled the specialist know how of our health and safety experts from the individual business units and made it available throughout the organization. We do not only take care of our staff members in the present, instead we are also paving the way for the future: with our diversity initiative.

We have earned reputation as a leader in safety comes from its leadership in promoting the most comprehensive safety procedures and in achieving some of the best safety records in the industry.