Since our founding, we specialize in engineering, architecture, environmental, construction and management services. Through our involvement in engineering projects, the role of TATISTYK INNOVATION, is to help manage various commercial projects based on sustainable fashion for the health, livelihood and security of people. We provide innovative, sustainable solutions to some of the most challenging engineering projects in communities.

We believe that the way we work can add meaning and value to the world. That ideas inspire positive change. That colouring outside the lines can illuminate fresh perspectives. And that small details yield important realizations.

Above all, we believe that collaboration is the best way forward.

We are focused from top to bottom – without distraction – in the sectors we service, from water infrastructure and transportation infrastructure to construction engineering and management services. We are also leaders, managers, consultants, policy and project advocates, information technology wizards, economists, statisticians, public relations professionals and financial experts.

Our focus on building long-term client relationships has helped us become one of the largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services, including all aspects of architecture, engineering and construction, operations and maintenance, as well as scientific and specialty consulting.