“Being the best in our field means that we are committed to every project, we have ingenious ideas that become reality and we make every client happy.”

“Tatistyk Innovation Information Technology did a super job articulating answers to our concerns in a manner that was easily understandable to all of the levels of knowledge and this was extremely helpful. We look forward to seeing their plan and the pricing. The excitement level around Mantri Group is high for these new implementations!”

Subir Chatterjee, Business Development, Mantri (Group) Technology

“I would recommend your company, Tatistyk Innovation Private Limited for any construction project that is in your field. You are very professional, I was kept well informed, your work was excellent and the project was completed on time.”

Arpana Shetty, Owner, Shetty Estate

“Our relationship with Tatistyk Innovation was one of dealing with competent, professional and friendly staff and sub-contractors who co-operated fully to make our building project a very pleasant experience. The entire team at Tatistyk Innovation were always responsive to our needs and always thinking outside the square to ensure the project finished on time and within budget. We would have no hesitation in recommending Tatistyk Innovation to any organization intending to carry out a commercial building project.”

Subhodeep Bhattacharya, Officer in Charge, South Lake Real Estate

“As you are aware I have no hesitation in recommending Tatistyk Innovation and do so regularly to my clients. You know that you are frequently invited to tender for work emanating from this office and this is on the basis that the work carried out thus far resulted in satisfied clients, and hence a satisfied architect.”

Kailash Sharma, Project Co-ordinator, Shilpa Estate

“Tatistyk Innovation worked with us from the very first concepts on this project, all the way through productive product testing. Their tenacity and willingness to stay with the project, from cradle to grave, helped us bring the project to successful completion.”

Dr. Rachna Banerjee, Head of Research & Development, Cipra Research

“Our experience with Tatistyk Innovation was marked by high integrity, good quality, and high value work. Because of the cooperation and sensitivity of Tatistyk Innovation, we were able to continue our programs during the construction period. Tatistyk Innovation Private Limited began our relationship by providing a very competitive bid; demonstrating a willingness to work through options; and accepting a challenging schedule. We appreciated the manner in which the site was maintained and the pleasant, can-do attitude of the Tatistyk Innovation team… we recommend them strongly.”

Manish Trivedi, Chief Project Engineer, Lausen Gravels

“Thanks for all the great work on our building. We love it! It’s been a blast working out in the new infrastructure and using all the new lobby and office spaces. You guys all did a great job and I’d certainly use you again for any future building projects.”

Tapas Sarkar, Senior Engineer, Eden Landside Infrastructure

“Tatistyk Innovation did a great job for us. We made our date which was terrific. The work was done to our satisfaction and your team were fair and equitable when questions or problems arose. I really felt that Tatistyk Innovation took ownership position on the project and the results speak for themselves. Thanks for delivering as promised!”

Sujit Sarkar, Administrator, Westland Real Estate

“Tatistyk Innovation dedication to safety was important to us, and we did not have one work-related accident on-site. The project was delivered efficiently and professionally, and importantly, below the original budget.”

Mani Kumar Shao, Project Manager, Department Engineering Services, GL Infrastructure

“I would like to thank you for your dedication on the completion of our new seepage dam projects. You paid close attention to details on our tight construction schedule and made sure all aspects of the job were completed on time. You always kept me informed and you were very fair when unexpected issues came up. Your high-quality work and your excellent service gave us the results we expected. We truly appreciate your commitment on this project.”

Srinivas Kolipaka, Managing Director & CEO, Hill Kart Projects & Infrastructure

“I have used Tatistyk Innovation Private Limied on many occasions in the past on various types of project and have found them to be very conscientious and thorough in their work with excellent attention to detail. I would happily recommend them as a trustworthy and sensibly priced construction company. A rare breed in today’s market place.”

Gopal Ganguli, Project Manager, GM Real Estate

“When we all are looking for quality and perfection it is relieving to know we have found at least one vendor who can provide. This performance is so outstanding; in fact, I have used this project as an example in discussion with some other suppliers as to how we would prefer all vendors to handle our orders. Thanks again for the effort – it is certainly appreciated!”

Suraj Kumar, Plant in charge, Hulu Water Treatment