Our approach uses information about a collection of assets, coupled with a risk-based methodology, to prioritize projects and programs. We help owners enhance the value of assets by adopting a true asset management approach. Not just inventorying assets, but developing comprehensive business plans that consider the life cycle cost of the asset in order to make strategic decisions related to the long-term performance and maintenance of a facility or system.

Today’s challenges require a new approach: one focused on improving performance and other reducing cost of ownership

Our experience includes working with asset owners across various sectors, including transportation, water and wastewater, power and energy, government agencies, commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. The result is reduced cost of ownership, improved reliability and enhanced operation.

Our Assert Maintenance & Management Services includes

For understanding the current state of an asset, our professionals start by developing customized data collection plans includes questionnaires related to assert assessment. Once a data collection plan is complete, we have inspection teams that conduct the necessary field work and we process and synthesize the condition data to help guide subsequent decision-making.

As part of the life cycle planning process we develop predictive models that help us communicate the relationship between funding and future conditions. the process is a set of condition targets that help communicate priorities, guide programming decisions, serve as a basis for tracking progress towards goals, and improve accountability.  We also develop comprehensive asset management plans to our client for maintenance of assert for long term.

We combine rigorous economic analysis with sound engineering principles to minimize the long-term costs of ownership while maximizing performance. Our approach identifies options, takes a long-term view of the asset, assesses all costs and benefits, and develops optimal design and construction plans. We decrease long term costs even further by involving our operations and maintenance staff in the design process.

We help our clients maintain their assets while keeping within a predictable budget by using performance-based maintenance contracts. Our teams provide a full array of on-site services to help owners operate and maintain their infrastructure more efficiently and effectively.  The result is significant cost savings, consistency of service and improved productivity.