From program management support, to systems implementation and integration, we provide proven best practices and expertise to assist our clients in overcoming their most challenging IT and organizational change efforts. Our business, financial and management advisory services help move organizations from vision to action. We not only help you articulate your vision for the future, we put it through rigorous analysis, modelling, and testing to ensure it’s the right plan for your organization.

We also have extensive experience in the evaluation, facilitation, and development of plans to support a full range of business initiatives including new program development, investments in facilities and technology, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and other business consulting.

We intersect human and business needs to help organizations across the globe innovate and transform to make a lasting impact on the lives of the people they serve.

Our consultants possess in-depth expertise and a critical understanding of the strategic, operational, financial, technological, and political implications involved in business planning. We also have a highly focused view on what it takes to create successful and sustainable business and financial plans for our clients. We bring a unique advantage to our clients.

Our Business & Management Consulting services includes

Building a model for change requires communicating the right information, often, at the right time, and delivering this information from the top management regularly with your employees. We will assist you in the project of strategic consulting planning from conception to planning, scheduling, monitoring and implementing values your business needs.

Our multidisciplinary finance and grants specialists provide across-the-board assistance to help you meet budget objectives, strategic goals and service commitments. We are well-versed in infrastructure and building finance and have achieved a national reputation for analyzing federal, state, and local funding and financing options. From maximizing revenue streams and securing new, dedicated revenue, to navigating constantly changing federal funding and financing opportunities, we have the expertise you need.

By working with a qualified expert in human resource compliance, we can provide strategic guidance with regard to the many issues facing your small business, freeing up your time to enable you to focus on your business growth. Our services include opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development.

We provide tailored strategic solutions that not only meet your needs and expectations, but also address those of stakeholders and the wider community. Managing the performance of facilities and operation requires a full suite of integrated services includes site management, operations support, engineering, safety management, planning, scheduling, quality services, supervision, procurement, administration, warehousing, shipping and logistics, and skilled equipment operators and trade professionals.

We are adept at identifying underlying issues and determining what will help you thrive in the near and long-term. Our well-established Strategic Consulting practice builds on this heritage, and the intimacy of industry understanding that it brings, to help our clients achieve excellence in the business side of delivering, operating and managing infrastructure and associated services.

We provide a full, life-cycle suite of business technology system design, engineering, procurement, installation, operations and maintenance services, both integrated with other project design services, or as standalone services. We are made aware of emerging technologies to provide the latest solutions to IT challenges faced by you.