Our engineering and design services range from planning and regulatory approvals, geotechnical investigations, preliminary and detailed design through to start-up and commissioning for all types of projects. We design integrated systems, sustainable infrastructure and intelligent buildings that optimize operations, maximize cost savings, and reduce the incidence of failure.

Our multidisciplinary engineering experts embrace the opportunities to push boundaries and create new frameworks that can transform communities at many scales. We partner with our clients and understands their goals, providing leadership and organization to produce designs that achieve their requirements in terms of function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability.

We’re able to adapt to changes in our environment as well as technology, so no matter the circumstances, we see each project as an opportunity to maximize your investment, reduce life-cycle costs and ultimately improve our communities. We believe in a commitment to function, schedule, budget, constructability, safety, and sustainability.

Our Engineering Services includes

We provide you the expertise needed to complete the civil design phase of your project. We draw on our extensive lessons and knowledge from past projects and foster innovation to overcome the technical challenges and complex site constraints on our current projects. We have experience in all phases of planning, design, construction, and operation for water, wastewater, dams, and transportation infrastructure projects.

We use state-of-practice techniques and test procedures to investigate, analyse, and develop geotechnical engineering recommendations and designs for simple to complex problems relating to groundwater, soil, or rock. We can also manage instrumentation, monitoring and quality control systems during construction.

We design smart operation systems and automation processes. Our work includes assessing, documenting the current state, control systems process control panels, network equipment, developing biddable and technically accurate construction.

Our pipeline and conveyance services for our water and wastewater clients include feasibility analyses, alignment evaluations, energy and efficiency management and design of pipelines, tunnels, canals, pumping stations and storage reservoirs.

We are committed to providing clients with tailored, safe and cost-effective solutions to protect their most important assets: people, property, and business continuity. With a diverse industry background and perspective, our services offer expertise in fire protection, life safety, risk management, and asset protection.

Our deep bench of expertise in complex structures ensures the safety and reliability of our built environments, and provides the backbone and strength for quality designs. Our integrated approach to engineering means our structural engineers work side-by-side with other engineering disciplines to provide a well-coordinated design within the shortest possible timeline.

Our goal is to provide appropriate and efficient solutions that achieve client satisfaction throughout the life of the project. We use performance attributes and value matrices to evaluate each alternative and establish their value. Our extensive knowledge in value and performance improvements helps our clients to reduced environmental impacts, reduced public inconvenience, or reduced project cost.