From policy development, through project design, environmental planning, compliance and permitting, our team of environmental science and management specialist has developed sustainable solutions for complex projects. Our environmental management specialists provide technical and consulting services to help you achieve your environmental outcomes.

Our team includes environmental planners and permitting experts, archaeologists, biologists, ecological specialists, fisheries scientists, toxicologists, and marine species experts and scientists. We deliver high-performance built environments that value the economic, social and natural environments.

We are committed to promoting sustainable and cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

We regularly work closely with clients and stakeholders to provide services that address issues of natural resource management, ecology, air/water quality, noise impact, flood risk, transportation documentation, socioeconomic, cultural heritage, wetland habitats, endangered species, urban planning, and many other environmental considerations.

Our Environmental Management services includes

We work with you to achieve a simplified balance through proactive and comprehensive air quality program management. Improving and protecting air quality, including management of greenhouse gas emissions, remains of great concern to the public, and industrial sources of air emissions must be carefully managed.

Our skills cover a wide range of expertise relating to Environmental Audit and Management, coordination of baseline assessments and regulator liaison, as well as the preparation of documentation for mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, private sector, local government, rangelands and utilities projects.

Our team has a reputation for preparing successful environmental impact analyses and assessments in compliance with laws and regulations. Our thorough understanding of agency requirements and processes, public involvement and stakeholder outreach helps anticipate and address the relevant issues found in environmental documents.

We provide comprehensive groundwater resource services to assist our clients throughout the mining life-cycle, from grass roots exploration through aquifer testing, impact assessment, numerical groundwater modelling, wellfield design, construction and commissioning through operation, monitoring, maintenance and decommissioning.

Development of Hydrology, ecology, water resource requires an assessment of resource potential, evaluation of potential yields and draw down impacts and potential water treatment requirements. Our services also include habitat assessments, production and research facilities, ecosystem restoration, and design of fish passage structures, screen diversions and intakes.

We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for your environmental remediation, engineering and construction needs. With extensive experience in conducting investigations and site assessments to evaluate contamination from a variety of release sources.

We possess extensive and varied marine species survey and monitoring experience, including marine mammals, coral, fish, invertebrates, and other marine life. We specialize in addressing climate change and resiliency in coastal areas, impacts on natural and built ecosystems, and adaptation strategies for sea level rise and habitat restoration.

We work to balance community and economic needs with conservation and sustainability of natural resources, including the incorporation of advanced water conservation strategies into our design services. Our services cover a broad spectrum to ensure projects successfully progress through the environmental approvals process, or to complete on-going compliance monitoring.

Our experience encompasses sewer collection systems, advanced wastewater treatment facilities, residuals management and handling, odour control and air pollution and water reuse. We have significant expertise in all facets of wastewater liquid stream and solids stream treatment ranging from conventional plants for organic removals to complex nutrient removal and resource recovery processes covering scopes from compliance evaluations to turnkey delivery of completely operational facilities.